Dear Users of the Cancer Commissioning Toolkit.

The CCT has been decommissioned by PHE from 31.3.2016 (this means you can no longer access the tool via this web link).

PHE is currently building it’s suite of cancer tools these can be found at:

As part of the decommissioning process we have taken all the data from the CCT (public and NHS views) and created a log of csv files which will be added to CancerStats and called CCT archive – this area is still in development.

If you require data taken from the CCT whilst the CCT archive is being developed you can email or – they will be able to access the data and send via secure email.

Clinical Headline Indicators (CHI) – this is going to be available via CancerStats and is also currently in development. The CHI will replace the service profiles from within the CCT – for more information please contact

Local Cancer Intelligence – this joint project with Macmillan will still be available via this link

For general information please go to, latest updates are available here.
Please click here to view:

If you have any queries regarding the CCT or any data please contact or phone 020 7654 8157 Wasima Nazmin NCRAS Project Support Officer Public Health England.

Note: Concentra will not be available for support from 31.3.2016 you will need to re-direct all queries to the above.
Thank you for using the CCT.

CCT and Toolkits Programme